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It is not possible to change class during the event.

  • Canicross
  • Scooter 1 dog
  • Scooter 2 dogs
  • Cart 4 dogs
  • Cart 6 dogs
  • Cart 8 dogs
  • Middle Distance 3 to 6 dogs
  • Middle Distance 7 to 16 dogs
  • Happy dog
  • Open

Classification from 3 teams per class.


  • Canicross – 7.4 KM
  • Scooter 1 dog – 7.4 KM
  • Scooter 2 dogs – 7.4 KM
  • Cart 4 dogs – 7.4 KM
  • Cart 6 dogs – 7.4 KM
  • Cart 8 dogs – 10.4 KM
  • Middle Distance 3 to 6 dogs – 20.8 KM
  • Middle Distance 7 to 16 dogs – 27.4 KM
  • Happy dog ​​- 7.4 KM
  • Open 13.4 KM


  • Helm is required by the trail in the woods.
  • Tricycles are allowed up to and including 4 dogs.
  • From 5 dogs, 4 braked wheels are mandatory.

Extra equipment: Middle Distance

  • First aid for humans and animals.
  • A knife.
  • Plenty of fresh water and drinking troughs.
  • At least two extra harnesses
  • At least an extra two collars
  • At least an extra two necklines.

Race Marshall

Kurt Radschun

Insurance and checks

  • Every participant must state his insurance & policy number. In the absence of this information you cannot participate.
  • Participation is always at your own risk.
  • Every participant is responsible for the damage caused by him or his dogs.
  • All dogs must be vaccinated on site. This is randomly checked on site.
  • Every Belgian participant must be in possession of a license / training certificate for the 2019-2020 season.


  • WSA demand a complete (core-) vaccination against:
  • Parvovirus
  • Leptospira
  • Distemper, Hepatitis contagiosa canis (CAV1)
  • Vaccination against kennel cough disease.
  • Vaccinations Participating foreign dogs must be brought into other countries in accordance with the countries import requirements for dogs in relation to rabies vaccinations.
  • Participating dogs and other dogs that are allowed to enter the venue must be vaccinated against distemper as follows:
    • Dogs under the age of one (1) year: at the age of at least ten (10) weeks.
    • Dogs over the age of one (1) year: the dog must be vaccinated at the age of at least ten (10) months, and not more than four (4) years ago.
    • First-time vaccination must be carried out at least fourteen (14) days before the day of the trial, competition and/or show.
    • Checks may be carried out to ensure that the applicable import and vaccination requirements have been followed
    • WSA accepts the longation of the vaccine manufacturer (written in the specifications of the vaccine)
    • If the musher will extend the period of re vaccination on his own a certificate of serological antibody measuring will be accepted for the following dieseases tested by the descripted methods:
      • Canine distemper (CDV) serum neutralization test (snt) with a titer 1:30- 1:100 • HCC (hepatitis contagiosa canis), test CAV (canine adenovirus) snt >1:250
      • Canine parvovirosis hemagglutination inhibition test with a titer 1:80 or higher

On the serological test result name and chipno. of the dog has to be imprinted. Results of semiquantitative test from veterinary clinics can not be accepted.

Starting money

  • Participation € 50, – one sparrow meal included.
  • Second registration of the same musher: € 15.00

Registration is per musher, multiple mushers in 1 family register separately! You can register until the of 9th of december 2019.

VFS Chip List
Please complete the VFS chip list and bring it printed to the competition and hand it in when registering at the secretariat. You can download this list via the button below.

Extra Meals

Musher meals are provided on Saturday evening December 15, 2019.

Extra meal: € 17,50
Extra meal for children: € 10.00


Leemkuilstraat 21, 3660 Opglabbeek, België (BE)


Located at Speeltuinstraat 45, 3360 Opglabbeek, Belgium.

Open on Friday, December 14, 2019 from 1:00 pm.

For each registered team, one means of transport and one accommodation is allowed!
For example:

  • One camper with trailer or one car with tent.

Anyone who comes with more material must report this via registration form or by e-mail to We will then provide a suitable solution.


BBQ or open fire is absolutely not allowed!


Registration and payment required in advance. Registrations, payments, changes or ordering additional sparrow meals are no longer possible on site.

Only your payment confirms your participation. If we do not receive your payment before December 11, 2017, we are forced to cancel your registration.

IBAN: BE86 9799 8983 1350
Notice/Comment: Sentower your first name & last name

Need more info?

Christophe Vanhercke: +32 477 52 25 46

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